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Beeswax Cloth Family Pack –Tree of Life

Beeswax Cloth Family Pack –Tree of Life


A pack of 3 beeswax cloths with assorted designs. Different sizes for diverse applications.


Handmade from locally sourced food grade beeswax and thoroughly rinsed pure cotton. 100% chemical-free. Wrap dry food such as bread, sandwiches and fruits / veggies with our Beeswax Cloth, which is also a reusable and cleanable alternative to cling films.


Each pack includes:

S: 20 x 20cm (for cups, bowls and cut fruits/veggies)

M: 25 x 25cm (for bowls, plates and food like bread and sandwiches)

L: 30 x 30cm (for large plates, large portion veggies and food like watermelon; foldable into grocery bag / small bowl)

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