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Reusable Organic Cotton Kitchen Towel

Reusable Organic Cotton Kitchen Towel


An organic alternative to disposable kitchen towels


Pull, wipe and trash – and that’s how we have been adding so many disposable kitchen towels to the landfill, not to mention how polluting the manufacturing process of these ‘kitchen essentials’ are. Reusable Organic Cotton Kitchen Towel combines an organic cotton terry base and a 100% cotton patterned fabric. Join the sheets using the stainless steelsnap buttons at both ends of each sheet, roll up. Place the roll on your kitchen towel stand. What’s more, these towels are more water absorbent than disposal kitchen towels – and alsoso much cooler!


  • Organic cotton terry + cotton patterned fabric
  • Stainless steel snap buttons for joining and rolling
  • Suitable for most kitchen towel stands
  • 10 sheets per roll
  • Size : 25 x 25CM
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